Ryk Groetchen

Ryk Groetchen, certified Music Together teacher

Ryk Groetchen is a multi-instrumentalist (voice, flute, guitar, bass), composer and lifelong music lover. He has always had a strong desire to contribute in some way to musical culture. His performance experience includes rock bands, free improvisation ensembles, jazz big-band, vocal ensembles and multi-media/spoken word performance groups. He has participated in a variety of community art- and music-making activities with young children, middle- and high-school students and adults. He enjoys working with children, and has composed a number of children's songs. Ryk is a perpetual student, committed to continuing his own music and movement education while sharing his understanding and his learning process with the community. In January 2004, Ryk was awarded Certification Level I by the Center for Music and Young Children in Princeton, NJ., having demonstrated outstanding achievement in teaching, musicianship, program philosophy and parent education. In August 2008 he completed Orff Schulwerk Certification Level I, and will expand his regular teaching schedule to include classes for 5-7-year olds. Ryk also enjoys writing poetry, cooking, meditation and making music with his two sons, Henry and Harlan, his partner Lisa (also a professional musician and MT teacher), and his many musical friends. Ryk Groetchen provides tech support for Macintosh computers and networks. Ryk Groetchen is the coordinator of Trinity Chamber Concerts, a concert series in Berkeley CA dedicated to the presentation of chamber music by Northern California musicians in a wide variety of genres.