Here is some information about Arirang for your education and enjoyment.

Wikipedia page for Arirang

And a Korean mom in one of my classes graciously provided links to some of her favorite versions of Arirang. The captions are hers.

Korean traditional singing style with traditional instruments. 
Not traditional singing style, but I think the singer expresses the Arirang emotion well. Personally, Arirang connotes emotions like longing, sadness regrets and sorrow. Visual footage doesn’t relate to Arirang meaning, and it’s just a music video.
It is instrumental music with korean tradition flute and piano.
I just included this video because of the way she play the guitar in the beginning of the music, similar to korean traditional instrument, gayageum. 
And you might know about Samulnori. It’s korean instrumental music with four different kinds of instruments. The beats are really interesting to me.
Another Samulnori version.
This is Pungmulnori video. Pungmulnori is based on Samulnori, and it is mainly for cheering people.

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